People on vegetarianism decide from different beliefs. While some are animal lovers, others are considered to be some, but there are also other reasons for excluding meat from their diet.

One of them is undoubtedly weight loss.

The American College of Nutrition recently publishes a study which showed that people who opt for vegetarian instead of a low-calorie diet are more likely to lose more pounds.

Namely, scientists have put two groups of people with type 2 diabetes in different children – vegetarian and low calorie, which is also recommended by the European Diabetes Association to people with diabetes. The results were completely different.

Those on a vegetarian diet that includes legumes, vegetables, cereals, fruit, nuts and yoghurt have lost almost twice as much as the participants in the other group. Also, losing weight is one of the results.

Specifically, this research has shown that nutrition that does not include meat accelerates metabolism and accelerates weight loss.

“This discovery is important for anyone who seriously understands their weight and wants to stay healthy and slim,” explained Dr. Hawai Kahleov’s head of study for Taylor and Francis.

As he says, the results of this study are essential for people who are struggling with weight loss but also those who suffer from metabolic syndrome or have type 2 diabetes.