weight loss

Weight loss means buying smaller jeans, but not buying a smaller bra?

Many obstacles are waiting for you on the path to the ideal pile. Okay, you were expecting hard training, a fully regulated diet, and a multitude of motivational speeches you hold yourself in front of the mirror. You’ve done all that, and the results are evident, but then you’ve come across an unexpected (but undesirable) loss in strategic locations. Of course, we are talking about the chest.

We’re sorry, but such losses are inevitable. First of all, we can not choose which parts of the body will “escape”. The central part of the chest is just fat, do not be surprised if you are forced to replace the bra for a number or two smaller ones.

Another bad news is the fact that you could encounter excess skin. Specifically, if you lose a significant amount of body weight, your skin will experience a sizeable change. The difference of breast size change does not have to be so drastic for everyone.

“Weight-loss exercises are always recommended during weight loss. Cardio training helps fat burn, but weighing training helps accelerate metabolism,” said Angela Fitch of the Cincinnati University of Slimming Center for Cosmopolitan.

Additionally, weight training will help keep your chest in shape and reduce fat loss from that part of the body.