weight loss

EVERY evening do you promise to yourself that you will all be different from tomorrow? And no trace of weight loss? Nothing strange.

Many are faced with many obstacles on their way to the ideal weight, and one of the biggest ones is certainly its character. However, perhaps not only you (and lack of motivation) are the main culprit that you still have not seen the figure you dream about.

If you are thinking about food, you should doubt if you need to open that chocolate you hide from yourself and take “only” one dice, or you have a desire for certain foods, you are probably an addict. Yes, you read well.

Namely, research has shown that certain foods can cause real addiction, just like drugs. Although you are already aware at the very beginning that you should not enjoy so much food, you are justified by fancy hunger or by a later (temporary) feeling of satisfaction. Of course, you will not admit to anyone that you have been emptying most of the shelves that hide supplies of snack foods that you keep for crises, and avoid weight loss like that.

The main culprits are causing addiction, not surprisingly, pizza, chips, chocolate, ice cream, cheeseburgers, carbonated drinks, cakes, biscuits, and chocolate, and this list has also found cheese, enemies of weight loss.

Their attraction lies in the “magical” combination of excessive amounts of fat, sugar and additives.