fat burn

Because of the growing popularity of fitness, the interest of the in-body enthusiast is growing, and there is a need for new, different and challenging forms of training.

People of all age groups want a healthy lifestyle and look and choose more and more on airborne bicycle training, working on all the muscle groups in the body, and in just one hour they can burn, depending on the intensity, up to 5200 calories.

“The best thing about an airborne bike is that it works all over the body,” Body and Soul Chris Reid, manager of an Australian gym, said.

On airborne bikes, the resistance increases automatically as the user pushes, pulls or rotates the pedals at higher speed and intensity. In other words, the more you try, the more resistance.

“Combining the strength of the upper and lower body forms an extremely challenging form of exercise, and the reward is an incredible amount of calories you can burn,” Reid explained.

According to experts, in the 60 seconds of using the aerial bicycle, 87 calories burn, which means 5200 hours. This data is unbelievable if you know that daily nutrition recommendations for women who want to maintain a healthy weight of 2000 calories and for men 2500.

On this device it is possible to make lighter but also heavy interval training of high intensity and therefore it is increasingly recommended by coaches and professionals.