We all do more for computers. Sometimes hours, if not all day, we spend sitting in the office chair. Such a lifestyle has health consequences and is most often associated with an increased risk of obesity.

If you spend your day at the office and do not want to become fatigued and live unhealthily, there are five ways you can implement it, writes her.ie.

1. Prepare meals at home

When you cook and prepare your meals, you control what you eat. Each person is individual and needs a different number of calories and macronutrients, so you will consume exactly what your body needs.

Try to avoid already prepared foods that are sold in stores because they often contain unnecessary calories, salt, fat and sugars.

2. Select the correct snack

The low-calorie food that will satiate you is an ideal choice. A spoon like a celery stick with peanut butter or hummus will give your body a dose of fibre, healthy fats and protein. If you want to feed the muscles, choose whole grain bread with fresh cheese.

3. Exit the current calories

According to research, as many as 30 % of people are not aware of how much calories per day they bring into the body of juices and hot drinks.

Black coffee, tea and water are the healthiest options. Take care not to replace thirst for hunger. A target for a daily intake of three to four litres of water to make it easier for you to feed.

4. Train at lunchtime

You do not have to spend hours in the gym. There are intensive half-day training that you can do during the lunch break.

If you do not have this option in the vicinity of the job, go to the nearby park and use the short training bench.

5. Be Active

Calories do not burn just by exercising. An excellent way to stay active is to walk or ride a bike to work, rest for five minutes in the watch, more often stand and use the stairs instead of the elevator.