Too much fatty tissue above the hips, from the side and the back of the hips, is called the love handles.

This problem affects many women, but it does not have to be desperate because there is an exercise that targets the exact part of the body.

To stretch your waist and make love handles, try the exercise advised by Nadya Fairweather’s coaching coach.

Lie on your hip and knees bend. Bend at right angles to the arm of your hand from the elbows to the fingers, and put the palm of your other arm on the waist and lift it to the elbow. Lift off as much as you can and lower it. Repeat 12 to 15 times to switch to the other side. If your workout is too simple, make it a few more times, but with your legs set to the posterior position.

Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson recommends eating whole, unprocessed foods to prevent love handles.
Eggs are a particularly good choice for breakfast because it will keep you longer by stitching and stopping to get fast for sugar.

If you have love handles during menopause, the nutritionist advises you to consume woolen seeds that will help the hormones balance. More about nature way read here.

Finally, it advises you to eat half a day before a bigger meal a day, as it contains pectin that binds to the fat and reduces the amount of absorption.