perfect ass

If your goal is a perfect ass, then you can make it by doing something called a Romanian deadlift.

“Romania’s deadlift is probably one of the most effective back and back glove exercises,” says personal trainer Darin Hulslander.

This variation of traditional dead-lifting targets on gluteus laser precision, while simultaneously building mass and strength in the lower back.

The Romanian deadlift is performed so that you stand on a flat surface and place your legs so that they are in the width of your shoulders. Take the weights, the dumbbell or the ball and head down to the floor with your back and legs straight and bend in your waist but not in the hips. The result of this exercise is a perfect ass.

The Hulslander coach’s tip is that you’re doing a Romanian deadlift twice a week. Every girl dream to have eye catchy perfect ass. But not everyone is ready to make it. This exercise does not require much time, skills or equipment. It’s called homemade training for women perfect ass, and it’s effortless to practice.